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Cure For Piles

Cure For Piles

Many sufferers search long and hard for a cure for piles. Piles can be extremely painful and uncomfortable. In addition, they can cause extreme embarrassment-indeed piles are very often only spoken about as part of an ill-humored joke.

Piles usually occur because of the lifestyle of the sufferer. As they are not a "disease" or and "infection", they are actually not curable by conventional medication. Having said this, there are times when conventional medicines might help give some symptomatic relief, but in general, this is a condition which responds very well to natural treatments plus lifestyle changes and a good cure for piles will incorporate these aspects.

Some of the causes of piles are dietary. People who regularly eat processed foods and have a diet low in fiber are likely to suffer-particularly those who are prone to constipation. Heavy lifting can also be a cause as this puts pressure on the blood vessels in and around the anus. Less active people may have a decline in the muscular tone of the anal area, so those who spend a large part of their time seated may get piles. People who have regular very loose motions can also suffer from piles-this includes those who take laxatives regularly. Pregnancy can also predispose women to piles. Finally, it has been shown that there is a genetic link to piles, although this is only relevant in a small number of cases, with lifestyle issues being the main cause.

The fact that piles are lifestyle-related means that amongst other things, you will need to change habits or take a different approach to your diet if you want piles to be a thing of the past.

There are a number of self help measures which form a cure for piles which will give relief

* Sit in a warm "Sitz" bath (or even a shallow ordinary bath) up to 4 times a day

* Drink plenty of water to help keep the stools soft

* Eat fresh fruits and vegetables daily

* Avoid alcohol as this can make the bowel sluggish

* Bathe the area gently with diluted witch hazel

* Wash the area after each bowel movement and allow to dry naturally

* Avoid lifting heavy weights

* Place a cold compress on the area

* Try to walk around frequently-if you have a job which requires you to be seated, try to get up and have a short walk around each hour or so

* Use some zinc cream or petroleum jelly on the area as this will help soothe

These self help measures should give some relief and you may feel that small or less troublesome piles can be adequately managed. However, if you would like a guaranteed cure for piles which works even for those which are very large and painful, you may like to look at the link below.

The cure has been proven to be much more effective than over the counter medication and surgery as it works by eliminating the root causes of piles rather than just treating the symptoms.

This natural cure for piles works very quickly and most sufferers are symptom free within 48 hours.

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