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Home Cure For Piles

The home cure for piles which I have used is a combination of different single treatments which, when used together, can relieve the symptoms of piles surprisingly well. As piles are not caused by one single factor or an illness or disease, they are not easily treated by oral medication. Surgery can sometimes help although many people find it painful with a long recovery time. In addition, as surgery does nothing to treat the causes of piles, they often return unless steps are taken to remove what actually caused them in the first place.

My Self-Help Home Cure For Piles

* Drink plenty of water as this softens the stools
* Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables
* Try not to spend most of the day seated in one position
* Bathe the area with diluted witch hazel
* Always wash the anal area after defecation
* Do not strain on the toilet
* Treat both constipation and diarrhea quickly
* Put petroleum jelly or zinc cream onto the piles
* Place an ice-pack wrapped in a clean cloth directly on the piles
* Take a shallow, warm bath up to 4 times a day

Over The Counter Treatments

On the whole, these are not particularly effective. They can work to relieve the symptoms of piles temporarily but they do nothing at all to cure them. Some contain local anesthetic and others have vasoconstrictors, (which can actually shrink the piles temporarily)-both of which can be useful in symptomatic relief. Many people spend hundreds of dollars repeatedly buying various preparations.

Surgical Options

The most common surgical procedure is where the blood supply is tied off and the pile and surrounding tissue is removed. This normally requires a short stay in hospital and can have complications such as rectal bleeding, fever, infection and pus formation. Recovery from this procedure can take around 6 weeks and can be painful. There are other treatments which are less severe, such as rubber band litigation (a way of tying off the blood supply) and cauterization. These procedures do not remove the piles, but as they cut off the blood supply, the piles will wither up and die off.

Piles surgery is no different to any other forms-it carries risks and should not be undertaken lightly. The main shortcoming with surgery is the fact that unless you take steps to eliminate the root cause, it is highly likely that they will return.

A successful cure for piles requires more than just treating the symptoms and this is the shortcoming of both treatments you can buy from the pharmacy and surgery. To cure piles successfully and to prevent them returning, it is necessary to look at what may have caused them in the first place. Although experts agree that there is no one single cause of piles, it is generally agreed that there are a number of common factors which can make people likely to get piles. These include a poor diet lacking in fiber, lack of exercise, pregnancy and genetic dispositions.

Fortunately, piles respond very well to natural treatments and they have been shown to be much more effective than both over the counter remedies and even surgery.

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