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Natural Remedy For Piles

Most people would prefer to use a natural remedy for piles and this is understandable when you look at the conventional treatments which are available. Some of the surgical procedures can be painful, with long recovery times and even then piles can reform. Much of the over the counter medication can give results which are at best, temporary and at worst, of no use.

A natural remedy for piles is one which often uses simple self help measures to relieve the symptoms and these can be surprisingly effective. Often, long-term sufferers have spent many years buying products costing hundreds, if not thousands of dollars which may have given short term relief but have done nothing to prevent the symptoms returning. Sometimes people feel that the word "natural" implies "less effective" but this is not the case. There is a growing trend to use natural remedies wherever possible as these can be very economical and generally do not have the unpleasant side effects associated with drugs or conventional medication.

About Piles

Piles can be internal or external. External piles originally form outside the anus and can be painful, depending on the size and location. Internal piles are not normally painful but can be very itchy and can cause bleeding. Sometimes they can stick out of the anus. They are categorized in to 4 distinct types:-

1. First Degree-These do not bulge from the anus

2. Second Degree-The bulge outside of the anus during bowel movements but slip back in on their own

3. Third Degree-These bulge during bowel movements and will only go back inside the anus by pushing them back in

4. Fourth Degree-These bulge outside the anus permanently and cannot be pushed inside

Natural Remedy For Piles

The following natural self-help measures will help give some symptomatic relief.

* Apply an ice pack covered in cloth directly to the piles

* Take warm baths (you could take 3 or 4 a day if the symptoms are very bad)

* Drink plenty of water to help keep the stools soft

* Use wet moist unperfumed wipes after emptying the bowels. Allow the area to dry naturally if possible

* Increase the amount of fiber in the diet

* Try not to strain on the toilet. If you find that you are having difficulty, it may be worth considering a stool softener until you become "regular"

* Diluted witch hazel applied directly to the piles is very soothing and will help promote healing

* Avoid spicy foods

You are likely to find that by increasing the amount of fiber and water in your diet, that stools become easier to pass and the symptoms caused by the piles become less painful. In the case of more severe piles, there is a treatment you can use which is guaranteed to get rid of the symptoms of piles within 48 hours.

Piles respond very well to natural treatments and they have been shown to be far more effective in treating the causes of piles than surgery and over the counter medication.

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