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some facts about weight loss

I was sipping a cup of tea this morning at the breakfast table thinking how difficult it is to stay motivated enough to work out for hours each week in the gym in order to stay healthy and fit. What most people dont know is that its not just quiting food that reduces body can also reduce weight by eating the right things!

Most women lose their looks and charm after child birth and give in to unending munching and nibbling. Most part of their food intake is comprised of

cakes and biscuits

Well... it may not be easy to work out each morning when you have alot of other things to do that seem to be much easier and interesting. But just quiting on these unncessary intakes is not as difficult as you may think.

Here are some facts for those who need and want to lose their weight the easy way:

Eating breakfast can help you lose body fat quicker than skipping it

Eating oatmeal or porridge reduces body fat as it contains fiber. Espcially if you eat it in the morning.

Drinking a glass of grape juice before each meal not only reduces the appetite but also stops fat content present in the food from storing in the body.It also expels saturated fats from the body and reduces body weight by boosting the metabolism.

After each meal ,drink a warm cup of water with a teaspoon of lemon juice mixed in it. This helps keep the stomach flat and reduces fat deposits.