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Prickly Ash - A Herb With Many Benefits

Having heard of Prickly Ash before, but really never knowing what is it was or what it did, it was about time to find out. It is also known by the names Toothache Tree, Yellow Wood, Tumburu, and Hua Jiao to name a few and is native to North America. The bark,and berries are used as medicine. There is a Chinese prickly ash that is related and this grows in Asia and is also used for herbal treatment to many ailments.

Generally the prickly ash is an effective herbal remedy for poor circulation, fevers, mouth sores, paralysis, ulcers and wounds. There are many other uses of this herb in the alternative medicine genre currently still being discovered.

The Native American tribes relied on prickly ash bark as an effective remedy for upset stomachs, sore throats, aching muscles and skin infections. Still in the USA toward the end of the 19th century, the Prickly Ash Bark was used as a digestive tonic that stimulated the nervous system; this was also used for the treatment of cholera. Rheumatic sufferers were also treated effectively.

Prickly Ash Bark possesses oils, fat, sugar, gum and tannin along with many alkaloids components. It gives stimulation to the entire body. It aids sluggish digestion whilst at the same time destroys toxins such as worms and yeast overgrowth.

The plant stems have even been used as a toothbrush, as well as being used as a poultice for toothaches, hip and back pain as well as a lotion for poor circulation as massage oil.

The prickly ash helps in providing additional oxygen and nourishments to the blood circulation and at the same time helps in removing the waste materials from the body.

In China the Chinese version of prickly ash has its use in helping get rid of parasites, this is in addition to many other cures mentioned earlier.

The prickly pear can easily be bought online at many herbal medicine sites and comes in many forms, it is a big business now, but still in the States and China, home made tonics are made and used and well practiced. Living out of these regions the only access is through commercial suppliers. However the commercial products can be found to be reasonably priced considering the benefits they give.


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