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People With Insomnia

People with insomnia are at risk for a whole host of health problems. However, and this may come as a surprise to some, people with insomnia do not have a higher rate of mortality. In fact, it is hardly ever lethal. The only time when it is deadly is when a person has fatal familial insomnia, which is a genetic disorder. This rare brain disease develops in late adulthood.

But, people with insomnia who take sleeping pills do have lower survival rates. This illustrates the importance of looking for natural ways to get more sleep, instead of relying on medication like sleeping pills. They are very addictive, and they offer no long term cure. Once you start taking sleeping pills, and then get off of them, your insomnia will likely return.

People with insomnia are more likely to be involved in a car crash. It is estimated that as many as 200,000 accidents in the United States and 1500 deaths can be blamed on the driver not getting enough sleep.

Those suffering from severe insomnia suffer from major quality of life issues, which mirror those who have conditions like heart failure. They also complain about having attention and memory problems, they are more irritable, suffer from higher rates of depression, and they make more mistakes when they are at work. Insomniacs also have much weaker immune systems on average.

Here is another interesting tidbit about people with insomnia. Alcohol and substance abuse can be a cause of insomnia, the reverse effect can occur as well. Many people have a "night cap" to help them sleep, but this can actually make things worse.

People with insomnia do to have to continually suffer. Check out the book Stop Insomnia here for some great advice on how to get more sleep.