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Causes of Insomnia

What are the leading causes of insomnia? One of the good paths towards remedies of whatever ails a person is to track down their root causes. As with virtually any ailment, there is a lot of variability. If you don't think I've identified the cause of your insomnia specifically, perhaps the proverb "know thyself" would help you identify it yourself. Otherwise, you could tell me a little about yourself and I could try to be a good detective and nail down the cause of your insomnia.

I'll warn you that this list is not completely exhaustive. It's still likely that one of these are contributing to your sleeplessness:

Poor Nutrition: A healthy lifestyle, which includes the right amount of restorative sleep start with a balanced diet. I know there is a NO-CARBS thing going on nowadays, which is not bad, but I find that too much meat and dairy aren't exactly the best for insomniacs. I would just suggest a balanced diet. Fruits and especially a lot of green, leafy vegetables would be my #1 piece of nutritional advice.

Stress: I would re-emphasize the "know thyself' proverb. You know what stresses you out, you're the only one who can decide how to deal with it, and the only one with the power to let it go, and keep it/them from stressing you out.

Insomnia can have many other causes but the key is not identify them so that you can get yourself on the path to recovery which means lots and lots of sweet dreams.

For the rest of the 9 common insomnia causes you can visit my blog site. If you can identify the cause of your insomnia the solution is bound to be just a few steps away!
Chronic Insomnia.
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