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Increase Breast Milk By Some Easy Tips

Breast feeding provides many health benefits for both child as well as mother. Breast milk contains just the right balance proportion of nutrients for the baby. No infant formula can match all of the nutritional benefits of a mother's milk and it can not adjust and change according to the change and age of child. Some mothers are unnecessarily worried about their milk supply but some time mother's milk supply is really less to demand of baby.

Some easy tips to increase breast milk are:

The important thing is to feed baby as frequently as possible allow the baby nurse on demand rather than on a set schedule.

Drink enough fluid. It can be water milk or juice of any fruit it is also a good habit to fill a glass of water to drink while your baby is nursing. Drinking sufficient fluids won't make woman produce more milk, but is important in replenish lost fluids.

Nursing requires about an extra 500 calories per day. Women because of fear of obesity after delivery takes fewer calories than their demand required for body at this period makes them fatigued and anemic. Women should wisely choose best food like vegetables, fruits, milk and low fatty things in their diet during this period.

Stress can negatively affect milk production so try to take proper rest and relax whenever get opportunity. Massaging breast also increases milk.

so there is nothing to worry about decrease milk supply just have adequate fluid,good food, proper rest and give feed frequently to baby will solve problem.