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Breast Feeding and Liposuction

Grow a cup size. Why not? Many women enjoy the fact that their breasts swell up when they are pregnant and / or breast feeding. Of course, this is only because of the milk for her baby. Unfortunately, that is the only good thing about it – most of the rest is just a real pain to deal with. Another thing that new moms don’t particularly enjoy is the fact that they have, due to the pregnancy, put on a significant amount of weight. Well, the theory of lipo-augmentation is almost the perfect solution for you if you are in this condition.

The basic concept is to remove the excess weight from your thighs or belly and inject it into your breasts. A doctor by the name of Dr. Sydney Collman has done this procedure often and believes that it is much better than other kinds of breast augmentation. Unfortunately, it is two procedures in one, because you must first get the liposuction and then the breast augmentation, after the lipids have been refined, or "purified." The entire procedure takes about seven hours. Nonetheless, a cosmetic surgeon can shape and sculpt the breasts much more effectively by relocating your own body fat.

Hey, not counting the money you spend, after this procedure you will still have natural breasts, in a way. They will not only appear more natural than any other kind of breast surgery available, your surgery will not leave nasty scarring nor will it be as painful as some other procedures. Your breasts will have more upper fullness and the most natural look possible if you have this procedure done as opposed to other kinds of breast augmentation. You will have better cleavage, refined lipids (or fat cells) will enhance and enlarge your breasts.

One woman, out of necessity, was about to do a skin grafting because breastfeeding had somehow left one of her breast significantly larger than the other, when she found out about this procedure. Because of her change of heart (deciding to try the lipo-augmentation procedure instead) she was spared a nasty scar and her breasts are back to normal. There are times such as these when cosmetic surgery can really lift you from a serious depression that results from this or any similar situation. And the increase in self esteem can certainly improve your overall day-to-day life.

By the paragraph above, I do not mean to insinuate that someone has to look perfect. As a matter of fact, many people who are stable and secure would not feel any better or worse from the surgery. However, whether appropriate or not, society and the media (or whomever else you want to blame) causes some people to feel incredible depression if they are not “perfect.” Enhancing beauty makes these individuals feel better. The physical expectations some people have, whether reasonable or unfortunately horrible, it is a fact of life.

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