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How to use Aloe Vera plant in common disorders

Spotted forms of A. vera are sometimes known a...Image via WikipediaAloe vera are not only use as ornaments in our gardens, aside from its beautiful to our sight, it is also good herbal medicine to some kinds of disorders. Aloe Vera are effective herb against minor burns, dandruff, Falling hairs, pimples, sprains, sunburn, and some minor wounds. Here are some simple tips how to use aloe vera in some common disorders.

For Minor Burns - Washed some fresh leaves of aloe vera. squeeze it hard to get the juice or extract of aloe vera. Apply the extract of aloe vera in the affected burn area two times everyday. Rinse with not too cold and not too hot water after 15 minutes.

For Dandruff - Squeeze the juice extract and apply the juice extract to hair scalp specially in the most dandruff affected areas do it like your using your favorite shampoo, massage the juice extract in your scalp before you rinse it with water. Do this for four weeks.

For Falling Hair - use the cut piece of aloe vera leaves and its extract and massage it in your hair scalp 15 minutes.

For Pimples - Once again squeeze the extract of aloe vera and apply it to your acne affected area, make sure you washed your face first and make sure it free from dust and oil before you apply the extract. washed it with a not too cold not too hot water after 30 minutes.

For minor Wounds - Apply the juice extract of aloe vera in the wound, allow the extract to penetrate the wound. Dont cover the wound but dont let the fly go near your wounds. Do this 1 to two times a day until the wound is cured