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12 Tips to be healthy

All of us really wants to be healthy, i think no one wants to be sick, but because of many things to do we sometimes forget to take care of our health, but don't blame yourself that you do nothing for your health, because there are many easy ways to stay healthy and we just have to do it.

here are the easy tips to stay healthy:

1. Don t eat too much: Eating too much can get you fat, and being fat is not healthy

2. Drink right amount of water: at least 8 glasses a day, water carries wastes out of your body. It cushions your joints. It supplies oxygen and energy to your cells. It regulates your body temperature.It stops kidney failure, it stops loss of hair, it stops you from getting dry skin and headaches.Water is like oil in a vehicle. You have to have it.

3. Don t Skip Breakfast: Eating in the morning give you energy for the rest of the day. Because it gets your bodies metabolism going first thing in the morning so you don't feel like snacking on bad stuff. It puts your body on a schedule so your body will release fat and start burning energy. You need 1300 calories a day to lose weight anything less you just store and gain back in a cycle.

4. Do breathing exercise: Specially in the morning when the air is lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and stress levels. it increases blood oxygen levels which helps with kidneys, heart, muscle growth, electrolyte exchange, circulation. it also prevents atelectasis which is a closing of the aveoli in the lungs by forcing them to stay open. one of the problems that we face as we get older is a lack of expansion in the lungs. muscles become weaker, cartilage flexes less, etc. as the lungs will expand less and less, the lower parts lose their ability to open and hold air so we get short of breath with simple exercise the older we get because we have less space. doing deep breathing as a younger person helps fight off some of the effects of old age, just like stretching muscles of the back or legs improve flexion and circulation as we get older. how often?? good question. just like regular exercise, doing it every day is a good thing. but like regular exercise sometimes we just don't have the time or energy. even once a week will do you some good and increase the oxygen levels in the blood

5. Always smile: Firstly and most importantly it improves the overall psychological and mental state of a person. It relaxes some facial muscles and widens blood vessels that help blood flow better and benefit the physical and mental health.
I am sure it also increases one's popularity and thus improves his/her social state

6. Drink your vitamin: The benefits one gets in general is, it builds up our immune system, e.g. Vit-C, B, E, A, D, K all help improve your immune system.

7. Eat Fruits: fruit has fiber, vitamins, minerals. Benefits of fruit on the digestion
Most fruits function as natural laxatives, helping to regulate your body's digestive process. They provide roughage and fiber that is important in helping your body get rid of wastes.

8. Stay Relax: Stay calm always, relaxation means three words " peace of mind"

9. Drink milk: There's loads of calcium in milk, which benefit joints. If you're not into artificial growth hormones, there are hundreds of organic options that taste the same and provide the same health benefits

10. Exercise: Strengthen your cardiovascular and respiratory systems, keep bones and muscles strong, manage your weight, prevent and manage diabetes, ease depression and manage pain and stress, reduce your risk of certain types of cancer and sleep better.

11. Socialize: Try to meet new people everyday having many friends can be benefit to your health.

12. Stay away from vices and bad habits: drinking too much alcohol, smoking, gambling, etc.