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8 Tips To Rule Your Appetite


I hope the following tips will help you on your journey to successful and permanent weight loss.

1. Avoid high sugar consumption, and any food that triggers sugar cravings, such as ice-cream, sweet chocolate candies, cakes and cookies…

Better leave those for once in a while special treat.

2. The only food worth eating in great quantity is the food that will help you trim the extra weight: fresh greens, fresh vegetables, food rich in fibers…

Try to eat more raw fruit and vegetables; they are richer in minerals, vitamins and fibers.

This small change could improve your digestion.

3. Avoid refined and processed foods; they are bad for your waist and bad for your health.

4. Eat wholesome food, whole grains; they will keep you satisfied longer.

Eat whole grains everyday; they will help you curb your appetite and eliminate your sugar craving.

5. Drink natural clean water as much as you wish.

Avoid drinking more than 2 cups of coffee a day.

6. Don’t wait for dinner to eat. This is called starving all day long.

Eat regularly so you want feel hungry.

Do not skip breakfast.

Eat small snacks between meals: fresh vegetables, a fruit, a few almonds.

Better have smaller meals and eat evenly through the day.

Better eat four to six times a day smaller portions. You will feel more energy because smaller meals mean less to digest. Your body will need less energy to digest.

7. Daily exercise; keep you fit and will improve your mood.

8. The best tool to avoid eating when you are not hungry: Ask yourself:” am I hungry, do I really need to eat now?”

Pop this question every single time you want to eat, even if it is an apple.

I know it sounds simple, but it requests a little attention and practice on your part.

In no time it will be second nature, as long as you start to implement these tips every day, for every meal and every bite.

Isabelle Epstein
Dedicated to healthy nutrition and a healthy life style
"3 Easy Steps to Healthy Weight Loss and Healthy Weight management"