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Sore throat - the most common contagious viral or bacterial infection... a tickling sensation that becomes sore, frustrating and eventually severely painful. Antibiotics can cure only bacterial sore throats but for viral based infections, antibiotics are of no use. However, natural remedies for sore throat can really do wonders with viral based infections. You will get pain relief usually within an hour or two by using these natural health remedies for sore throats, but sometimes it may take a little more time.

Most natural health remedies boost our body's natural resistance power to combat infections and to support our immune system. To lessen the symptoms of an irritated sore throat and speed the healing, these natural health remedies for sore throat can be easily and effectively used at home.

1. First of all, increase your liquid intake as it helps to hydrate dry mucous membranes and keeps your throat coated with moisture. Mild, warm and soothing drinks like ginger n honey tea, holly basil n clove tea, decaffeinated coffee, and warm water with lemon and honey are some of the best natural health remedies for sore throats.

2. Use a humidifier in your room as dry air irritates sore throat. Humidifier reduces the irritation by adding moisture to the air.

3. One of the best known natural health remedies for sore throat is gargling. Gargling with a mild mixture of salt or 4-6 drops of grapefruit seed extract and warm water, sage or raspberry leaf tea or other herbal teas, several times a day, will ease sore throat pain, reduce the inflammation and hydrate dry tissues.

4. Some aroma oils like tea tree, geranium, lemon, cypress or bergamot essential oils can be taken as gargles with warm water and to moisten the irritated throat with a spoonful of honey.

5. Vitamin C is also a natural health remedy for sore throat. and is very helpful in speeding up the healing process for sore throat and it is recommended by doctors. Vitamin C enriched fruits like pineapple, oranges, lemons and limes contain natural anti-inflammatory agents and are also natural health remedies for sore throat.

6. Take two or more cloves crushed and two teaspoons of fresh holly basil leaves, then pour boiling water over them and steep for ten minutes. Strain the tea, add some honey and drink it. You can repeat it for a maximum of two to three days.

7. Natural health remedies for sore throat also include using the throat reflex points on your feet and both hands to heal sore throat by applying acupressure acupuncture or reiki techniques.

8. Steam inhalation for some minutes will help you breathe easier if you are feeling difficulty in taking a breath. Put 3 drops of tea tree oil, eucalyptus, rosemary or lavender oils in a bowl of boiling water and inhale deeply for 3-5 minutes.

9. Some of the herbs such as slippery elm, licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra), cider vinegar, cedar, scallion, cayenne pepper, sage, honeysuckle flower and marshmallow root are also used as natural health remedies for sore throat.

10. Another natural health remedy for sore throat is a soothing hot cup of barrage tea, anise mint tea, fenugreek seed's tea or a concoction of tea leaves, cinnamon or turmeric powder two or three times a day will also sooth, coat and protect the throat.