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Ways to Improve Your Digestion

In today's fast paced society a lot of people suffer from poor digestion. Between work, household chores and taking care of the kids we no longer have the time to prepare healthy meals. Poor digestion can even be a result of eating too fast and it can become a painful and problematic situation if left untreated. By improving our digestion we can improve our health and our overall wellbeing. We can begin to feel more energized and closer to longevity.

The first step towards improving our digestion is portion control. Some people suppress their appetite through the use of diet pills (such as the all natural hoodia pill) while others are able to control their appetite without any assistance. Either way, by now everyone knows that eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day is far better than consuming two large plates in one sitting. When you eat smaller meals your digestive system is able to work more efficiently. When you consume large portions in one sitting, your digestive system has to work overtime and it eventually becomes sluggish. The next step towards improving your digestion is eating slowly. Given that we have gotten so used to rushing through our meals, eating at a slower pace might be difficult for some of us. One tip that I can offer is putting your fork down in-between each bite. You can also improve your digestion by drinking plenty of water. Poor hydration can lead to constipation and re-occurring constipation can lead to inflammation of the intestinal lining. That is why it is crucial to drink plenty of water.

Another way to improve your digestion is to increase your fiber intake. Fiber can be found in majority of foods, such as: dried fruit, beans, legumes, apples, and certain dairy products. Fiber is also beneficial for those individuals trying to lose weight. The reason why fiber is beneficial for quick weight loss is because it keeps you feeling full longer and it improves your digestion. And last but certainly not least, you should try to incorporate more good bacteria into your daily diet. Your digestive system carries about 400 different kinds of bacteria and yeasts. Good bacteria you should keep in mind include Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium bifidum. Both of these bacteria aid in maintaining intestinal health and can be found mostly in yogurt products. These are just a few tips for improving your digestion.

Lyla Feldman has been studying alternative medicine and health for over ten years. She loves to write to help others, especially in the area of quick weight loss which can be accomplished safely. She has found several herbal remedies that have been effective in her journey to better health, without the dangerous side effects that medications can cause. She is particularly passionate about hoodia for weight loss. Other interests include exercise, yoga and meditation. Favorite Websites:,