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Snake Bites Kill 125,000 Annually World Wide

If you see a snake and you are unaware of what type it is, then you might consider simply avoiding it. Snakes generally do not want anything do with larger animals and for the most part will simply go away if you do not harass them or challenge them. Providing there is a direct escape route for cover. Why should you avoid snakes if you know nothing about them and do not know what type of snake you are dealing with? Well simple really; did you know that snake bites kill some 125,000 people per year.

This of course is about ten times less than the number of human deaths from Mosquitoes, nevertheless it makes sense to pay attention. Sometimes most people never even met the Mosquito which ended up killing them, but with a snake bite, the victim always knows; Who Done It.

What many people do not realize is that some venomous snake species are much more potent when they are young. For instance a small Rattle Snake which are common to North America are much more poisonous than the larger adult Rattlers. So, if you are hiking and see a snake out sunbathing or on your trail, avoid it and be glad you did. You might make both of your days that way. Consider all this in 2006.

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