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Power Stream

Power Stream

It is through your knowing of your power that you come to be the powerful being that you are. For you can not be powerful if you do not know about the power. It is within you at all times. It is there for you to access and to multiply in strength. It is in the allowing of this power to flow through from within that you best put to use this power. You are all powerful beings. You all have the same capability to flow powerful energy from the core of your being. This is the same energy as spoke about as Source or God energy.

It comes from that source and this is the energy that you have converted and channeled into your own powerful resource. Through your attention to this source of energy and through your remaining centered in yourself and going within your self, you learn how to control, direct, increase and use this powerful stream. It is like a fast flowing stream of water that you have directed between two banks. You increase it strength and power that way. If you allow the stream of water to flow wherever it wants, it is less powerful.

When you enter into states of worry and anxiety, you are effectively allowing your stream of power to scatter and flow with less power wherever it wants especially towards more thoughts and feelings of worry and anxiety. When you direct this stream of power in a happy, focused state of mind and feelings then you are increasing the strength and power of it tremendously. When you release from your Being feelings of limitations then you are essentially removing the blocks in the path of the flow of the energy.

It is like removing boulders from the stream of water. You allow the stream to flow easier with less or no resistance. It is not diverted or swirling back around itself. There is no back flow only the powerful continuous flow towards that which you happily have your focus on.

As a successful owner of a multi-million dollar company, Auriella became aware of how her thoughts were contributing to the growth and success of the company. After studying mind empowerment, consciously creating her life successfully, and healing several physical health issues through the changing of beliefs she held, Auriella formed Unlimited Mind Unlimited Power, Inc. to assist others in using the power of their minds to consciously create the lives they desire as well as to release and replace any beliefs that are limiting you from achieving all you desire.

This article is an excerpt from Auriella's book The Divinity of the Mind: Writings for Inspiration and Empowerment. A copy of the book may be obtained at

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