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Piles - Relief Without Surgery

"The veins in the anal region get swollen and start to bleed" - we call it PILES.
The patient will suffer silently but will try to hide his/her problem. That results into further complications.

Normally, following factors give rise to PILES:
a) Consumption of fast food, no vegetarian food and sodas.
b) Sedentary routines and negligible exercises.
c) Alcoholics and persons having liver problems.
d) Chronic patients of constipation, consuming less water and avoiding going to toilet, as per their lazy nature. This practice makes the stool harder. And give rise to piles at a later date.

Constipation and abrasions give rise to internal piles. When the internal piles are forced out of the anus, it is considered as external piles. Internal piles rarely bleed but the external piles cause anguish and sufferings.

Irrespective of the situation, the patient is advised to take the following steps:

1. Increase intake of fruits and vegetables and consume lots of water. Go for easily digestible food. Avoid spices and chilies. Green vegetable, ginger, onion, garlic, radish, bitter gourd, papaya, apple, lime, cherry and figs should be preferred. It will help in reducing the constipation and make the stool soft.
2. The urge to go to toilet should never be suppressed. It will, help in easy defecation. Care should be taken that NO pressure is applied.
3. Once a day, Sitz bath should be undertaken. The patient sits in a warm water tub for 15 minutes. It will relax all anal spasms and pains.
4. Indian type toilets should be preferred. It helps to pass the stool easily. Full pressure could be exerted on the abdomen area.

The conventional solution for Piles is considered to be Surgery. Since the patient is scared of getting cancer, so he does not think of any other alternative except opting for surgery. Advanced Laser surgery is preferred as the duration of hospital stay and blood loss is reduced. Still the surgery does not stop the piles to re-appear.

It is very important to note that the piles are the result of internal circulatory system. It is certainly not a localized problem where its removal by surgery could offer a permanent solution.
It has been found that Homeopathy does not consider piles - a surgical disease. The piles are considered as the outburst of an internal problem which has to be treated ONLY Internally. The blood vessels are strengthened and its resistance power is improved. Homeopathy medicines do not offer any side effects. Besides it ensures to erase the piles problem.
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