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Nose Bleeding Way!

Anything that catches us unawares can be a little disconcerting, and one such occurrence is the sudden nose bleeds that most people experience at some time or other. The rush of blood from the nose can be quite alarming and if it takes place whilst in public, it can be a little embarrassing. The most important rule to follow when suffering a nose bleed is to stay as calm as possible, because the flow of blood will increase if panic sets in. You should sit down and lean forward, keeping the head at a level that is above the heart. The nose should be pinched firmly, just under the bridge and pressure maintained for ten minutes or so; this will enable a coagulation process to develop. During a nose bleeding episode, the natural reaction is to lean the head backwards, but this should be avoided as this can lead to the sufferer swallowing quantities of blood, causing choking and nausea.

Typically, nose bleeds start in the front of the nasal septum or at the very back of the nose cavity. The causes of nose bleeds can frequently be associated with dry nostrils, as the septum becomes crusty and is then prone to bleeding. Disorders of blood clotting or nasal cancer may occasionally be directly linked to the causes of nose bleeds, but these are rare occurrences. If the nose bleeds are occurring recurrently then there may well be a medical problem connected to a previous injury, such as a blow to the head or face, which although by appearance may have cleared, it could have left something else hidden from view. Basically persistent nose bleeds shouldn’t happen, so a check up with the doctor is a must, if only to discount something more sinister.

For a parent, a nose bleed in their child can be extremely perturbing and seeing your child bleeding, often heavily is not a very nice experience. At least as importantly, and probably a little more so, is the already mentioned need to remain calm. If the child sees their guardian in a panic this will cause extreme stress and complicate matters. Very often, a nose bleed in children is caused by animated blowing or picking, so sensible advise is the order of the day. The membranes inside the nose can become dried and itchy, causing your child to pick at his or her nose and further irritate the nasal tissue, so the need to keep the nasal passages moist becomes a key and there are many nasal sprays available.