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Neo Healar Piles Treatment & Cure

Piles (or hemorrhoids) can be quite painful, irritating or itchy, resulting in some embarrassing circumstances. Technically, we all have hemorrhoids, but it is only when they get inflamed or enlarged that they become the problem that we typically call 'piles', 'hemroids', or 'hemorrhoids.'

The causes of piles are varied, and no single theory has been proven to be the ultimate cause. However, we probably know most of them, over-straining during bowel movements or spending excessive time on the toilet (reading etc.) However, there are some other causes that we might not know about such as an (unhealthy) low fiber diet, tumors in the pelvis, pregnancy, or genetic causes (weak rectal vein walls.) Doctors generally divide piles into two categories: internal and external. Internal piles are not painful, but can become a major problem once they extend to the anus. There are usually four 'categories' of internal piles that doctors have, to distinguish their severity (the fourth being the worst.) External piles are quite painful, and will usually need medical attention if blood clots inside them.

When exploring a piles treatment & cure, you need to also look at ways of preventing piles (which would aid any more forming, and therefore allow the present piles you are suffering with to heal.) To do this, you need to keep your bowel movements soft. This can be done by eating plenty of fiber-rich foods (such as fruit, vegetables, wholegrain cereals) and drinking a lot of water. Also, don't spend more time than is necessary on the toilet (don't hurry your toilet time either) and try to stay away from laxatives as best you can. If you need to take a laxative, keep away from strong laxatives unless the doctor advises. Regular warm baths also help to keep to relieve irritation.

Serious problems with piles may require surgery. However, the doctor must decide if this piles treatment is necessary. Out-patient treatments (i.e., you don't need to stay in the hospital overnight) include Banding and Sclerotherapy. Both of these involve methods of getting the piles to shrink or lose their blood supply, and fall off. These kinds of surgery are usually for first, second or third degree piles (internal piles.) For more serious kinds of piles, surgical removal is needed, and involves two treatments called a Haemorrhoidectomy or a Haemorrhoidopexy.

It's important to remember that piles usually do require treatment to go away. There is, however, an alternative piles cure which may work for even serious cases of piles. Although most creams, ointments, suppositories ease pain and itchiness (and don't really heal the piles as much as just relieve the symptoms, allowing the body to heal itself) there are some natural creams such as the Neo Healar treatment cream which are usually quite affordable, and very effective. Plus, they can save you that embarrassing doctor's appointment and offer both relief and healing very quickly. Being made out of completely natural ingredients, there are also no complications that can sometimes occur through pharmaceutical products.

John Lim Cher-Sern is an alternative health expert with more than 7 years of experience in natural piles treatment Please visit for more free information about Neo Healar piles treatment cream.