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Increase Breast Milk Supply With These 10 Easy Suggestions

At some point during your breast pumping experience you will probably begin to search for new ways to increase breast milk supply. Well, luckily, there are a number of ways to do this.

  • Water - always make sure to get plenty of water during your breast pumping experience. If you need a way to increase breast milk supply, you will be surprised just how quickly your supply will increase when you getting plenty of water in your system.
  • Fenugreek - you may probably find that this will increase breast milk supply within 1-2 days. In addition, it is very simple when taking the capsule form.
  • Oatmeal - I began eating oatmeal immediately and it always seemed to keep my supply up.
  • Relaxation - you will be shocked that once you begin to relax during your pumping sessions, just how much more you will begin to pump each session. Most important thing - do not look at the breast milk while you are pumping.
  • Sleep - Everyone says to get enough sleep, but what new mother gets enough sleep during those first weeks after the baby is born. The good thing about breast pumping is that dad can feed the baby while you get a few extra hours of sleep.
  • Mother's Milk Tea - you may find that this tea will begin to increase breast milk supply in about 2-3 days. Some moms have even said that it helps their baby with gas and colic. However, it must be steeped and prepared like traditional tea.
  • Blessed Thistle - you can also take this in capsule form. Some moms use this in a mixture with other ingredients to create their own herbs.
  • Brewer's Yeast - you can also take this in capsule form. Some moms have found that this causes gassiness for the baby.
  • Pump more frequently - If you need to increase your supply, begin to pump again more often. Each session will bring you fewer ounces, but with the extra pumping sessions each day, the total ounces should increase each day.
  • Prescription drugs - After speaking with your doctor, you may decide that prescription drugs are the way to increase milk supply. However, make sure to check all the side effects before taking this route.

Copyright 2006, Wendy Williamson

Wendy Williamson has pumped exclusively for each of her children. Gabrielle, the last of three babies, received breast milk exclusively pumped for more than a year. Wendy is determined to help other mothers realize the benefits of breast pumping for baby and mother. She hopes to create a greater awareness of donating breast pumps and breast milk to mothers who want to provide their milk to their premature or ill babies. More information on breast pumping can be found on her website,