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Memory Power: Flex Your Mental Muscle

Mental Muscle

As with all your organs in the body,your brain is subject to age-related fatigue. Levels of nutrients and vital oxygen slowly decline. Conditions such as Diabetes and hypertension can accelerate aging and increase the risk of memory problems.

Flex Your Grey Matter

Just as Physical exercise inreases muscle mass.Working out your brain can stimulate
and keeps your brain active.Strengthening existing neuron pathways and building new ones.

Feed The Brain

Flax seed oil and cold water fish like salmon,sardines and herring are all rich in Omega-3
fatty acids.Essential for proper mental function.

Brain Boosters

Ginko Biloba has been proven to improve circulation to the brain,improving memory.


Inflammation to the brain has been linked to age-related memory loss.Fish oil,
curcumin and ginger are natural anti-inflammatories and have been known to help.

Whats In Your Medicine Chest

Prescription Medicines can also alter brain function.They may include:




-ulcer drugs



-certain eye drops


See your doctor if you are concerned that your meds is affecting your memory.

Clean Living

And of course getting your 8 hours of sleep and
drinking sufficient amounts of water(typically
8 glasses of water should do you).And also
a multi-vitamin wouldnt hurt.

Get Active

Exercise is important in preventing memory loss
and general overall decline in the human body.It
can also reduces the affects of stress and improve
immune system function.

Drop The Extra Weight

As far as memory loss, goes being overweight bogs
everything down as your body isn't running at
peak performance - not to mention the health issues.

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