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Do You Really Care For Your Nose?

You have only two nostrils that are meant to serve you for a lifetime. Did I say serve you for a lifetime? Yes your one and only nose is supposed to serve you till you die because there is nothing like artificial nose.

Your nose is the organ of your body responsible for smell. You perceive the odor of things around you with your nose. You also perceive the aroma of delicious meals that you cook with your nose. So, your nose has sensory cells that perceive changes in your environment.

There are some problems which your nose can develop such as nose bleeding, catarrh and rhinitis. One of the causes of these nose problems is pollution.

You have to keep your nose away from pollutants especially the dangerous gases such as carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulphide. For example, carbon monoxide when inhaled can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning. How?

Carbon monoxide combines with hemoglobin which carries oxygenated blood round the body to produce a poisonous substance known as carboxyhemoglobin. Carboxyhemoglobin removes the oxygen content of the blood thereby making the blood unhealthy.

This condition could be so fatal that it could result in death. One way of treating the condition if the victim is still alive is to expose him or her to fresh air so he or she can inhale pure and fresh oxygen from air thus replacing the carbon monoxide.

My candid advice to you is that you have to maintain a clean environment. Stay away from pollutants and polluted areas because most diseases that can affect your respiratory system enter into your body through your nose as air-borne diseases. Protect yourself from catching cold because catarrh is a symptom of cold which can lead to critical nasal problem such as rhinitis.

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