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Do You Know the Symptoms of Dog Poisoning

Symptoms of dog poisoning can be very obvious to extremely subtle depending on the type of poison or toxin consumed. Dogs are extremely curious and hence are subject to lick every object they come across.

Dogs even eat feral mushrooms that crop up after the rains. Insect bites and pollution can depart poisonous substances into dogs. Many dogs also absorb harmful materials through their skin.

Dogs are inquisitive pets, so they walk around and discover lousy places. Thus, are exposed to harmful plants, fatal insects and remains of dead animals.

Common Symptoms of Dog Poisoning:

Following are some of the common symptoms of dog poisoning caused due to ingestion of poisonous substances in dogs:

1. Skin rashes
2. Lethargy
3. Drooling
4. Lack of appetite
5. Vomiting
6. Bleeding disorders
7. Heart failure
8. Seizures or tremors
9. Hallucination
10. Breathing Difficulty
11. Mouth Irritation
12. Diarrhea
13. Cramps
14. Kidney, Heart, or Liver problems
15. Muscle tremors
16. Rigidity in muscles
17. Convulsions
18. Swollen mouth or tongue
19. Loss of coordination and consciousness

If you notice your dog experiencing any of these symptoms, then the dog might have consumed certain toxic materials. Hence, you need to take extreme care of your dog at such period. You may take your dog to a vet or may call the poison control center.

If your dog has absorbed toxins through skin, then a warm bath with soap will help to stop the absorption.

Symptoms of toxic substances will appear gradually. Some symptoms are visible within 2 to 3 days, whereas some signs appear after months or even years. Quick and appropriate care can prevent your dog from severe diseases.

Never give chocolates to dog. These can cause certain symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, and frequent urination. Cardiac arrhythmias, extreme responses to noise, muscle twitching, stiffness, excitement, internal bleeding, and weakness are few other symptoms that your dog might exhibit after consuming chocolates. In extreme cases, it can lead to coma and eventually to death within 12 to 36 hours of consumption.

In addition, a few plants are not suitable for dogs. They may develop rashes on their skin, if they come across such plants. It is best to discuss with your vet regarding which plants are suitable for your dog.

Next, certain chemicals may also trigger a few symptoms of dog poisoning in your dog. This might be onset of any serious illness. However, remember that some poisoning might cause everlasting or fatal injury to your dog.

As you can see symptoms of dog poisoning can vary a lot not only by what toxin was consumed, but by how much of it was consumed. If you think you are seeing symptoms of dog poisoning call your veterinarian immediately.