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Breast Milk is an Eczema Treatment

The incidence of eczema around the world has been steadily increasing over the past 40 years. The problem with this is that this increase did not have to happen. This article will explain the why of this problem, and show you how breastfeeding may be able to reverse it as we go forward.

Before we (people) had the knowledge of preserving foods using salting, smoking, refrigeration etc the human diet was much more varied than it is now. The average diet consisted of about 200 foods. It is now down to a rotation of about 20. This narrowing has increased the populations chance of developing food allergies.

Another reason for the increase in eczema and like allergies is that more babies are being fed cow's milk. Cow's milk contains up to 20 known allergy causing ingredients, and this milk can be directly traced to a sevenfold increase in the incidence of allergies in babies.

The first food that babies eat are often times the ones that they become allergic to. If only fed his mothers milk, the incidence of exposure to allergens is decreased because she is a filter standing between the baby and the potential problem. By the time he gets to eating his own food, he would have developed a stronger immune system to assist him with dealing with threats on his own. Breastfeeding is credited with helping people to deal better with allergies all the way through their teenage years.

At birth a babies' immune system is immature and it remains that way beyond the ninth month of his life. With the increase of baby food formulas a decrease in breastfeeding has ensued. Hence an increase in eczema and other allergies. This cause of increase is respected as a cause because it is known that a mothers milk is one of the feeds necessary to help an infant develop a healthy immune system. Furthermore, it is also known that a mothers milk gives the babies intestines a protective barrier that prevents allergy causing proteins from being absorbed into the babies' blood stream.

If you are breastfeeding a child who already has eczema, or has gotten eczema despite being breastfed, it then becomes even more important to his future health that you continue to do so. Observation leads us to believe that the child who has eczema and breast milk is able to cope with the disease better than a child who does not have the benefit of breast milk as an eczema treatment.

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