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Weight Loss and Diet - 5 Tips to Increase Weight Loss

1)Buy and wear a pedometer- You will lose more weight if your wear a pedometer. You can buy a pedometer for as little as $9.00 and studies, show that by setting a step goal and wearing a pedometer you will increase your walking by at least a mile a day. More steps taken equals more calories burned. (Journal of the AMA). Taking more steps is an easy way to begin exercising more and increase your weight loss.

2)Increase the intensity for part of your workout- The fancy exercise term for this is interval training. You will burn more calories and lose more weight by adding a few minutes of increased intensity to your work out. For example if you walk for twenty minutes a day, try walking 30% more briskly for 2 minutes three times during your workout. This is an easy way to increase weight loss without dieting. However, decreasing the number of calories you eat per day dramatically increase your weight loss.

3)Use smaller plates or box up half of your restaurant meal- Use the smaller salad plate for your main dish rather than the large dinner plate when you are eating at home. This will force your to limit serving sizes and increase weight loss. Make a habit of eating only half of the portion served at a restaurant and take the other half home for a later meal. Restaurants often serve huge portions and we feel like we should eat the whole thing to avoid being wasteful. By boxing up half your meal, you are not being wasteful and you are looking out for your health.

4)Stand up more- Yes, something as simple as standing up more often will help you burn hundreds more calories a day. You can burn up to 100 more calories an hour by standing rather than sitting. Try standing when you are on the phone or waiting. Exercises such as standing and walking should become a part of your regular activities. Think about ways you can incorporate these activities into your day. Try walking and talking with a co-worker rather than sitting in a meeting.

5)Write down what you eat- Keeping a food journal will make you more aware of what, when and why you are eating. A simple notepad or an online journal will work equally well. Writing down what you eat makes you realize what you are eating and will help you avoid eating out of habit, boredom, or emotionally. Your diet will improve if you write down what you eat and you will find that you are more likely to think before you eat.

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