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Health Remedies for IMPROVE APPETITE:

  1. Eating Black berries (Jamun) regularly, helps in improving Appetite.
  2. Drinking Coriander (Ddania) juice mixed with water regularly, helps in improving Appetite.
  3. Taking Carrom seeds (Ajwain ) and Black salt with hot water, helps in improving Appetite.
  4. Californian Raisin (Monakka), Salt, black pepper (kali Mirch) taken together withhot water, helps to improve Appetite.
  5. Eating a piece of Ginger before meals, helps in improving Appetite.
  6. Eating Raw Cucumber (Kheera),Raw radish (Muli), Raw white Onion, all are helpful in improving Appetite.
  7. Eating Tomato, Amaranth (Red Cjp;aui), Bitter gourd ((karela), Fenugreek (Menthi) regularly, helps in imporving Appetite.
  8. Drinking Tamarind (Imli) water mixed with Salt and Black pepper (kali mirch), helps in improving Appetite.
  9. Eating Ber (Zizyphus) fruit regularly, helps in improving Appetite.
  10. Eating Orange with Black salt, helps in improving Appetite.
  11. Drinking sour tasted Apple juice with Sugar Candy (Mishri) for few days, helps to improve Appetite.
  12. Sugar cane (Ganna) juice with Honey, Lemon juice and a pinch of Clove (Laung) powder taken together, helps to improve Appetite.
  13. Sweet Neem (Curry patta), Garlic can be used regularly in cooking, which helps to improve Appetite.
  14. Lemon juice mixed with Ginger juice and Salt taken with water, helps to improve Appetite.